Khermen Tsav Canyon

Khermen Tsav is an alluring red looking canyon that stretches for 15-20 km. 65-250 million years ago Khermen Tsav was an ocean bed. After dried out, millions of years wind and water erosion formed this majectic looking canyon with moon surface shapes. The red colors in the sunset brings you feel like you are on the moon surface. American Scholar and Palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews named this place as “The end of the world”. The site is known not only by its beauty of natural formation, but also by its findings of dinosaur fossils and eggs. The first full skeleton of a dinosaur was found in this place. Let us pass through one of the many watered spots in Gobi, a paradise for antelopes, wild asses and wild camels, located just amidst unpopulated areas which are crowded with bulrush, tamarisk, caragana and elm. If you have decided to visit south Gobi and are not afraid of driving long and difficult distances, make sure you visit Hermen Tsav. You can reach this place by driving northwards from a place called "Gurvantes soum" in the direction of wide ridges located far away at the horizon. Once you reach the place you will be able to walk amidst green bushes and take a look at a clay wall that stands there as if made by a human being. Also, as you take a deeper look at it you might be able to see a lizard climbing up a saksaul tree. Altogether this scenery will leave an unforgettable memory in your mind.

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